International Conference on Modern Development in
Engineering Research - 2019

ICMDER - 2019 [ 21st - 22nd Mar, 2019]
Accord Hotel, Puducherry, India


All the accepted and registered papers will be published in any one of the following Scopus Indexed Journal. It includes,

Journal Publisher Indexing format for final manuscript
International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN : 1314-3395 (on-line version)
Academic Publications Ltd
International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems ISSN:1178-5608 IJSSIS
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Advances and Applications in Mathematical Sciences
Mili Publications
International Journal of Information Technology Project Management ISSN : 1938-0232 IGI Global
Journal of Information and Communication Technology
ISSN : 2180-3862
Sintok Univ. Utara Malaysia
Mathematical and Computational Forestry and Natural Resource Science ISSN : 19467664 Contemporary Journal Concept
International Journal of Information Science and Management ISSN : 2008-8310 Regional Information Center for Science and Technology
International Journal of Energy Optimization and Engineering (IJEOE) ISSN : 2160-9500 IGI Global
International Journal of Engineering & Technology (IJET)
ISSN : 2227-524X
Science Publishing Corporation


The payment will vary with the journal chosen by the author.
For Processing Charge contact: 9445690101,